Discover the benefits of solid wood


Solid wood can stand up to the use it receives from daily life. Accidents happen and over time material degrades. However, if something does happen to your solid wood furniture in many cases it can be repaired to original quality.


Solid wood is beautiful and durable. Made for everyday life.


Every piece of solid wood furniture created is unique. Even the same styles are different because each piece of wood that our furniture is created with is different. While your furniture will look just as you want it to, it will have markings that are unique and therefore making it one of a kind.


Solid wood is as unique as the home it lives in. Made for any space.


All of our solid wood furniture is made locally by people with a passion for creating great furniture. While machines are used, it is not a large scale operation producing millions of the same piece. Each piece is unique with pride and care taken throughout the process of its creation.


Solid wood is custom and stylish. Made for you.

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