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The words solid wood are used to distinguish between normal lumber and engineered wood, but also refer to structures that have no hollow spaces. Engineered wood is the binding of fibers, strands, and adhesives to form a composite material like plywood, fiberboard, veneer and OSB.


The biggest advantage is that solid wood is the same all the way through, so it repairs more easily and is more durable. Solid wood is excellent for furniture applications and can last for centuries.







Fast growing rust softwood with dark knots. Very light in weight and stains or paints easily. Is the most affordable.

Brown and white maple comes out of the same tree. Brown maple is the heartwood of the tree while the white maple is the sapwood. Therefore maple varies from light to dark with a straight closed and fine even texture. it is slow growing with a 30 year tree only being 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

This hardwood has a similar look to Oak but with a more open grain. It is light in colour.

This hardwood has a tight, coarse open grain. It is heavy wood with strong wear resistance. It takes a long time to grow which makes it more expensive.

Also known as a fruitwood, Cherry is a strong, fine-grained hardwood with a pinkish red undertone. Its rich colouring darkens with age and light exposure. Considered a luxury wood it is slow growing and therefore more expensive.

It is a strong, hard and durable wood without excessive weight. Walnut varies from light to dark chocolate-brown in colour with a straight grain in the trunk.

Images used by permission, The Wood Database.

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