Solid wood furniture can last many lifetimes

Caring for it is easy but important

Some simple to do's

Some simple do not's

• Clean with soft cloth

• Use water as a cleaner

• Before placing hot objects put down a protective surface

• Put soft sticky pads on the feet of heavy furniture.

• Never use silicone based cleaners or polishes

• Avoid dragging furniture across the floor

• Keep out of direct sunlight

• Don't put hot object directly on the surface of your furniture

Water is nature's best cleaner

Furniture finished with lacquers today need very little care. When you invest in a beautiful piece of solid wood furniture you want to keep it looking its very best. There are lots of cleaners and polishes on the market but the best one is WATER and it's free. Use a soft damp cloth (old t-shirts work best) and polish with a dry one wiping with the grain of the wood. Other products break down the finish over time, water doesn't. Cleaning with water will keep the natural beauty of your furniture for many years.


Temperature and humidity are also factors in caring for your solid wood furniture. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. The best temperature for furniture is 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 20ºc) and humidity at 50%. Protection like coasters under hot items or felt under lamps and ornaments is also a good idea to protect the surface. Always lift instead of sliding anything in order to avoid scratches.

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