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Bedrooms are all about comfort and rest. With a custom designed bedroom from MM Woodcraft you can make your bedroom just how you want it. Have any of our furniture made to nearly any size allowing you to have the furniture you want even in small or large spaces.

Dressers & Chests

A corner store of any bedroom, our dressers and chests can be built to nearly any size making it possible to fit either in even the most awkwardly shaped rooms.


Whether you are looking for the bed of your dreams or for the guest bedroom, we have many beds to choose from and can build anything you can imagine.


A great compliment to your bedroom. A mirror can be on a wall on its own or you can add one to a dresser.




Night Tables

Our night tables can be built to match an existing bedroom or you can choose to add them to any of our beds.

We are currently expanding this part of our website.


Visit our showroom or call us at 519-943-0088 for more information on our beautiful furniture.


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