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Our furniture is all made from beautiful solid wood. We give you a completely customized experience where you create exactly what fits your home and life.


First, choose a design that you love, then select a wood that your furniture will be crafted from, finally, pick a colour that makes it truly yours.

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Why Buy From Us

We offer our customers an alternative to mass produced, prefabricated, and imported furniture. We are committed to crafting beautiful furniture that is made locally from high-quality solid wood. Because we offer custom furniture our customers can get exactly what they want, and usually there is no additional charge. We are a small, local business - there are no shareholders or big executive meetings. We simply offer a quality product with a transparent process.

Our Process

Care is taken in every step of our process to ensure your satisfaction and that we deliver on our promise of creating beautiful solid wood furniture of high quality.

First, our customers find the perfect design

Second, a type of wood is chosen

Lastly, colour is added to the piece. We then deliver it to your home or you can choose to pick it up at our showroom. We work with builders through the entire process to ensure you get exactly what you expect.

Looking For Something Different?

We understand that everyone is unique in some way with different needs and living spaces. That's why most of our work is custom. This doesn't mean that it costs more, what it means is that you, the customer, gets exactly what they want. And why should it be any other way? You are the one spending your hard earned money and we are here to create as much value as possible. Visit us today and see custom like never before.

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Local Business Supporting Local Business

Being a small business we appreciate how much work goes into creating value for customers. However, it can be difficult to reach out and show the world what you offer. Because of this we display the works of multiple local small businesses. We believe that this will create a stronger local community and it also feels great to help others out. Visit our showroom to see local artwork, pottery, and other local artist's work.

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Visit Us: SW Corner of Hwy 10 and 20th Sideroad Mono (10 minutes North of Orangeville)

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